Rock River Capital

Rock River Capital (RRC) was founded by Dan Hayes in 1999 to invest in residential land and home building. RRC invests its own money, and is a fiduciary for private equity investors looking for opportunities in for-sale residential land and housing investments in the Mid-Atlantic region. RRC’s clients are successful homebuilders and land developers that have demonstrated the ability to survive and profit during tough business cycles.

Investment Structures RRC makes investments through mezzanine loans, joint venture structures and the direct purchase of land and housing assets.

Investment Criteria Qualifying investments include entitled land, raw land, land under development, finished lots, and new home communities. RRC invests across the housing spectrum from entry level to high-end housing and from suburban, master planned communities to repurposed, urban infill properties. Target investment size ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

Successful builders and land developers know the value created by a reliable and experienced investment partner.  RRC is a dedicated and reliable source of creative capital to builders and land developers.

Qualifying Investment Criteria